Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We were sitting around the dinner table one night and I was asking Brooklyn "What is Dad going to do with 3 girls?" she replied "He has more than that, Me, Alex, Mom, Sadie (our dog) and Samantha (her doll)." Then she suggested that we get Ben a boy doll to help up the boy count. Then Ben started acting like crazy cousin? uncle? can't pick your relatives, Joe. I don't think we will be buying Ben any dolls EVER! So that makes 6 girls in Ben's life...I bet he is glad that one lives outside, another doesn't talk, another won't talk for about 2 years so that means as of right now only three of them boss him around. Boy is he lucky!

I am finally doing a blog...I'm pretty sure that I am the last one to get "modern". I love looking a other peoples and seeing how they are doing so I guess since my life isn't about to ease up anytime soon I may as well start tonight! This will be an adventure that Heidi will be proud of!