Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex is 4!!

Thanks for making Alex's birthday so much fun!!!

Poor Alex, she has definite 2nd child syndrome. We are the worst parents ever. We are heading to Billings for a fun birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and realize we have forgotten the camera so I text Jake really fast and ask him to bring his, sure enough he comes through but gives the camera to Ben! How many pictures does Ben take? Nine of the whole day and they are all of Alex. He did get half of Brooklyn in the blow out the candle picture. I am not trying to say that I would have done any better. We both are guilty.
Here is our history.... Alex was born on February 2nd we are in the hospital for a day and a half. When check out time comes we realize we haven't taken and pictures so we hurry and snap a few just to say we did. Alex's blessing day we have a family picture of Mom, Dad, and Alex (where was Brooklyn?.. Asleep on the couch with Uncle Carl) Good thing we have a little evidence that she was blessed. We have never had a professional family picture since Alex was born either. I would like to say that I got better. She does have her 1 week pictures and her year-old pictures but after that it's pretty much hit and miss.
I am in luck.... we were looking through my baby book once and I was asking her who the baby was. She was just sure that it was her and I couldn't convince her otherwise. So thanks Mom for being better at taking pictures when I was young. Now Alex won't feel like she didn't get enough.
We are re-dedicated to taking more pictures with our 3rd child in hopes that there is no other 3rd child syndrome we don't know about. After all Brooklyn is getting pretty good at taking pictures...so maybe she can be our family photographer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some pictures from our trip....

The Boys: Ben, Tagg and Dan.
They had a great day of golfing and Tagg had a great day of shopping.
I must say he is a better shopper than my girls.

If my baby turns out Blue we will all know why. The Blue Man Show was awsome. We sat on the third row and got a little slimed, stepped on and creamed, but for the most part enjoyed the show. I must say they are a little different but that's maybe why I liked them.

Jamie and I waiting for the ever fabulous 3-D movie at M&M world.
Just kidding. Don't waste your time.