Wednesday, August 26, 2009



My sister has a 4-year old and 2-year old twins and I am always amazed at what she gets done in one day. We were able to witness her in action when we visited a few weeks ago. Like any good big sis she took excellent care of us! Sarah and her husband Ben showed us a great time. The first day we went to some caves close by and went exploring. The kids were funny they didn't want to go in at first but by the time we were leaving we couldn't get them out. They were afraid of bats but as you notice in the pictures we had Batman to protect us. It was a little rainy the next day so we went to their amazing community center (I hope Lovell gets one someday). Sarah and Ben have a membership which includes 2 hours of daycare a day! I can tell ya that I would be in way better shape if we had one here. We swam in the morning and climbed the rock wall in the evening. The kids did so great and they were so proud of themselves. On Saturday morning we woke up and the weather was looking clear so we loaded up on bikes (I wish we had a picture of all of us...we made the neighbors laugh) We had 5 bikers, 2 trailers each with 2 kids, 1 bike seat and 1 tag-a-long bike for Brooklyn. We were a biking advertisement for birth control!! Sarah had brought instant oatmeal and hot water in a thermos and made us a nice breakfast up in the canyon. Saturday in their family is donut day (only if you ate your oatmeal). I defintly had a donut, I had just biked 4 miles pulling Brooklyn on the tag a long bike. On the way back it started to rain and eventually hailed. We were soaked instantly but took cover under some trees. Most of the kids were covered in the trailers but poor Brooklyn, it's hard to see out of glasses with rain drops on them. Good thing the storm didn't last long. Each night we had a nice soak in the HT (code for hot tub) to relax our weary bodies. I wish that we lived closer than 10 hours away but it sure is fun to go visit. Thanks Sarah and Ben for a fantastic time. We may make it yearly!

Oh yeah, we took a detour on the way home to see Becca before she left for China. That's why you see pictures of the Vernal Temple. It was the first time I had seen it. At the time is was dedicated it was the first Temple to be made out of an existing building, it was their old Tabernacle. I was a beautiful pit stop.