Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lately I have had a lot of time to myself (middle of the night feedings) to think of all the kind things people have done for us in the last two weeks. I am so truly touched and grateful for every visit, meal, loaf of bread, phone call, baby blankets, big sister presents, taking Alex for the day, email, new outfits for Candace, flowers, cookies and much more. Mostly knowing that people are thinking of us has meant the most. I really don't have the right words to express how I feel but I've got the best friends and family so THANKS EVERYONE for making the first two weeks easier for me!

We have had an exciting first two weeks. We started of with Easter right around the corner which led to a visit from my Dad, Mom and sister Becca (who may never have children after seeing how it affects ones mind). Brooklyn and Alex were so excited to see them even if it was only 2 days. I was glad we got to see them at all because it was last minute that they came. My sister Heidi flew in last Thursday to help out and it has gone by so fast! This last week has gone nothing like we had planned or thought. When my parents came Dad wasn't feeling good and developed a cold while he was here. Don't worry he stayed 4 feet from Candace the whole time but Alex wouldn't leave him alone! So who got the cold? Alex. And who couldn't stay away from Candace? Alex. So who got the cold next? Candace. Yup. Poor Candace has had a miserable week. She started out with a bad infection in her eyes, that started a fever and then cold like symptoms. Dr. C has taken great care of her and we have taken every precaution to make sure it's nothing major. She is doing much better and now weighs in at 7 lbs 13 oz. Hopefully we can stay healthy and are looking forward to some fresh summer air!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miss Candace Carol

Tuesday, April 7, 2009, 7:00 am

Kissing the Belly good-bye

Candace Carol Walker

6 lbs 14 oz

20.5 in

big Sisters

First Family Photo

We are all doing great, a little tired, but great.

Sister Snuggles

Brooklyn giving Candace "cool chick" lessons.

Easter Sunday

I just want you all to know that I had great intentions. We brought the laptop to the hospital thinking that we would post pictures ASAP... well one week later and you are just getting them. Our priorities changed a bit....
So here's Candaces story: Ben and I left at 7 am, and headed to the hospital for a scheduled induction at 8 am. As we were pulling into Cody the hospital calls and says that they are at full capacity and can't admit me until someone checks out. BAD NEWS! They asked us if there was something we could do in Cody for a while and they could just give us a call. Yeah, when you are coming to have a baby you pretty much leave your Wal-Mart list at home!! So we headed to Wal-Mart just for something to do and ended up $50 poorer. Around 9 am I called the hospital just to check in and see where they were at. They said to come in and they would put us in an observation room? We didn't know what to expect but they said that if we were there we would get priority over someone who came in after us, so off to the hospital we head, glad they weren't sending us home. We got there and took us to our room, we got all the paper work done, talked to our anesthesiologist about what medicne I wanted, hooked up my IV and pretty much moved in. Around 11 am someone checked out so they were able to admit me. We had the most awesome nurse in the world who took good care of us, yes I say us because she took good care of Ben too! They had a fridge stocked with sandwiches for all those hungry Dads and she made sure he ate so he didn't pass out. They started me on pitt just before Noon and shortly after Dr. Williams showed up to break my water and that's when the pain started! I tough girled it out for a while then said mercy and got a spinal and epidural (just in case I had a long labor). Much better!! I'm not sure on the timing of everything but Candace was born at 2:47 pm. She is healthy and perfect, what more could a mother ask for? It always amazes me the miracle of birth. I got to hold her right after and snuggle her and tell her that we have been waiting 4 long years for her. I love being a mother and am amazed that God has granted me the honor of raising 3 of his daughters, I feel so blessed. We all are in love with our baby Candace and can't seem to get enough of her. If you stop by to snuggle her you just might have to paper, rock, sissors one of us for a chance!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

To be accused of something...

To all of those who know Ben, even a little, know that he never gets mad. So when I was down stairs switching laundry over and he comes down and askes me with a bit of annoyance in his voice if I am trying to drive him crazy? I almost laughed. I had no idea what I had done, though I'm sure I do lots of things that annoy him and he's just scared to confess. I innocently asked what he was talking about. He was looking for the cord to hook up our camera to the computer to download the pictures. (we have a box with all the cords and backup files on CD right on the processor, it's been there for years, thought he knew) I told him where the cord could be found. Happy Ben. Then he was looking for something else that he had stashed under his dresser (waiting to be sold on Ebay...we have lots of those :) It was bugging me under there because I could see it and I put it in his drawer. Outta sight, but close so if he looked he could find it. I wasn't trying to hide it from him, just trying to keep our house looking uncluttered. So to be accused of something like putting things away, that isn't so bad, but hopefully he doesn't go in the garage for a while looking for "something", as I cleaned that out really good a few weeks back!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finally, Brooklyn lost her first top tooth!!! It has been hanging on by a thread for weeks and we were starting to worry that she would swallow it while eating. I am not sure how it happened all I know is that she came wondering into the kitchen.."Hi, Mom" with the biggest hill billy smile on her face. She was so excited! Then she took off running to the bathroom to wash it up for the tooth fairy and tripped and fell, of course the tooth went flying and was lost for a whole dramatic 5 minutes! She was in tears but lucky for her she found it!! It was the happiest/saddest/happiest again 5 minutes of the day. Now she is sound alseep, tooth in tooth pillow, waiting for the mysterious tooth fairy. Alex was excited for Brooklyn but is sleeping in the other room because she doesn't want to be near when that tooth fairy comes.
Brooklyn's #3 Tooth

Hill Billy Brooklyn