Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave have put on an egg hunt for the whole family for a few years now. They hide eggs and candy in their back yard and then the kids find it! They even make if fun for all the Mom's too. They have a golden and silver egg with a movie pass to the Hyart. It's always a fun time to get together and see everyone. Thanks Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave!!

Candace's First Birthday!!!

No one likes being sick especially on your very 1st Birthday! Poor Candace woke up feeling miserable, one of those you can see in their eyes. I told the girls that morning we were going to have to cancel her party scheduled for that evening. Alex looked at me with a look of unbelief and said "Mom you can't take away her birthday!" We did make her cupcakes that day but I wouldn't let her open any presents (I didn't want her sick germs to get on them, dumb I know). Our neighbor kids came over and we all sang to her. She was so sick she didn't want to eat dinner but she perked up for her cupcake. Who doesn't? So even though her birthday day wasn't much we did have a great party about 2 weeks later.

1 year olds are the best! She is so easy to please and seems to go with the flow of our crazy life. I have never had a such a great napper/sleeper. Ben calles her "Linus" because where ever she is, her blanket is right behind her. We seem to call her "Cancan" quite a bit. Our sweet little neighbor, Carter, loves to make her smile and his favorite way is by dancing and singing the cancan song to her. He is usually succesful at getting smiles out of everyone. :) It has taken me most of her first year to get adjusted to 3 kids and now the house seems empty when the girls are gone to school. She loves to be outside and seems to have no fear of cats, sprinklers or grasshoppers. She seems to have melted a special place in everyones hearts and we are so blessed to have her in our family.