Tuesday, October 12, 2010

March: part two

March: Part Two


We had 3 total days to spend in Disneyland & CA Adventure and we used up every minute of it. We spent most of our time there with Sam & Brandee which was handy so we could kid swap and go on all the rides we wanted, sometimes twice! I think we might of wore them out a bit from all the running but they were good sports and we had a BLAST! On the way home the girls were already talking about "next year". I told them to give us a few years. It's hard My family has been going since I was a small child (my grandparents lived 1 hr away) and Disney kind of gets in your blood. I must admit I am already looking for tickets for next summer with hopes for a bargain. Any takers
Alex, Brooklyn & Taycee on Splash Mountain. Brooklyn got soaked but still rode again...this time in the back.

Ben loves taking the roller coaster shots. See that sweet little girl next to me? Ya, she can scream like no other sound I have ever heard!

If you have ever "opened" Disneyland or CA Adventure you know it's the way to go. Ya, you have to get up before the sun but it's sooo worth it. The girls were great sports and it pays off when you get to ride all the "big" rides by walking on. You can see Ben and Alex are soaked, the bad thing about those early mornings is the sun isn't out yet. We took the girls on Grizzly Rapids and we all were pretty wet coming off. They were pretty tough and eventually we dried out.

Our little family, waiting for the shuttle. It was hard to keep them calm they were so excited!

This is the last day and you can tell we had lots of fun and wore them out.


Dan & Heidi Goodrich said...

You just gave me Disneyland fever looken' at all your cute pictures. My favorite picture is of Alex asleep on the bench. It was also fun to see the pictures from Phantom, Oh, what a night to remember :)!