Thursday, October 14, 2010



Alex's VIP Preschool Graduation
I wish my kids could stay in preschool forever...or at least VIP. I truly believe that once all the parents were shooed and gone that something magical happened, almost like Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Where everything comes to life and the kids are so eager and willing to learn. They come home bubbly and excited about their creations: mud pigs, fire trucks and finger painted pictures. Miss C and Miss L created a place like no other, so full of love and kindness you could feel it in the air. It always seemed contagious and if I took Alex to school grumpy she came home happy and cheerful. Some will say it's not magic but I believe it is.

Our Dear Joy School Group

Team Alex!! Thanks for coming April, Gretchen and gang.

People try and tell you to be cautious who you marry, because you marry the whole family. In some cases it's a bad thing but in my case I think I did better than I could have planned. I got to see this family in action this month when my sister in law, April, got married. We were all able to come together and create this beautiful reception for April and Ryan. I must say I was so overwhelmed at times but it always seemed there was someone there just when they were needed. We are all so happy for April and Ryan and love them to pieces!!


Jamie said...

The girls looks so pretty-I love the fancy dresses. That picture of Ben being smothered by his girls is priceless!!!